Why Eat It When You Can Drink It?

     I recently decided to try living healthier. Emphasis on the try. Seriously though, both of my parents died fairly young by today’s standards and I want to actually be around to meet my grandkids. So it is time for me to start exercising more and eating healthier. I have no trouble adding exercise to my daily routine. An hour of solitary quiet time each evening while I walk around the neighborhood checking out everyone’s lawn decor and enjoying the fresh air? Yes, please! It’s the eating healthier part that’s the problem. I live a very hectic life so finding time to cook elaborate meals and eat the suggested five small meals a day just isn’t probable for me. I began packing celery and carrots to munch on at work, but had trouble finding the time during the day to actually, well, munch on them.

    A week or so after I started the journey towards a healthier me, I was sitting in the break room during my lunch break when I noticed a co-worker using the blender to make herself a smoothie and I had an epiphany. Here I had been struggling to find the time (and yes, willpower) to consume the recommended 3 – 4 servings of vegetables a day, when I could of had a V8! I wanted to smack myself on the forehead.

I spent the rest of the afternoon giddy with excitement over my V8 idea. It would give me the nutrients I needed, curb my appetite as a meal substitute, and be convenient to keep in the fridge at work. This was going to be life changing. As soon as the clock struck 5 (or 4:55, but really, who’s keeping track?) I rushed straight to the grocery store to grab my V8 before picking the kids up from daycare. I was surprised by the selection, who knew there would be so many different types to choose from? I decided to start out simple by going with the original formula, low sodium, of course.

I put the V8 in the fridge as soon I got home, figuring it would probably taste best cold. I did potty time with the kids, fixed them a snack, and got them settled in front of the TV (don’t judge me). I decided that a nice cold glass of V8 would be great while I cooked dinner, and I would probably eat less dinner with all those nutrients and vitamins in me. I poured myself a nice tall glass. The smell was a bit strong, but it was mostly a tomato-like smell and I like tomatoes so I took that as a good sign. And anyway, it had the “V8 Taste Guarantee” (it said so on the bottle), so no worries there. I got the hamburger meat going in the pan, then picked up my glass and took a nice long sip. I then rushed to the sink, spit it out, and threw up a little in my mouth. That stuff was N-A-S-T-Y. It did it’s job though, I didn’t eat much of my dinner.

What do you think? Does V8 work for you?

What do you think? Does V8 do it for you?


What do you think?

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