Everything Is Awesome (The Lego Movie Theme Song To My Life)

   You know that super catchy tune that the Lego people love in The Lego Movie? (If for some crazy, inexplicable, indecipherable reason you haven’t seen the movie yet, and therefore don’t know of this mind infiltrating song, you can listen to it here.) Well, in the months since I’ve seen the movie, that song has begun playing in my head every time anything even remotely good happens:

   The Girl let me pick out her clothes for her this morning without a fight? “Everything is awesooome…

   The dog didn’t pee on the rug today? …everything’s cooooolllll…

   My husband actually put the empty tea pitcher in the sink, instead of back in the fridge? …when you’re part of a teeeaaaammm…

   The Boy aimed all of his wee wee into the potty with minimal backsplash? …everything is awesoooome…

   I received a $1.78 refund check from my former cable company in the mail today and I’m going to use it to splurge on that Three Musketeers bar (and probably a Twix) that has been beckoning to me from the vending machine at work? …when you’re living on a dreee-aaaa-mmm!!!”

      Every time I achieve some new victory, small as it may be, I find myself belting out that song in my head (and yeah, sometimes out loud) in celebration. In life we tend to put our focus on the big things: making more money, getting the promotion (so we can make more money), buying a house, saving for the kids’ college fund, building up for retirement… but in the grand scheme of things, it’s really the everyday little victories that make life pretty darn, well… awesome.

Seriously, watch it!

Seriously, watch it!

  P.S. When I pick my kids up at the end of the day and they scream “Mmmooooommmmyyyy!!!” and throw themselves into my arms? Well, it doesn’t get much more awesome than that.



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